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How to Restrict Courses/Lessons/Topics/Quizzes?

You will find the group restriction setting in your WordPress admin area by navigating to the LearnDash LMS menu ➡ Group Restriction.

STEP 1 Place the shortcode on a page or select the page to apply the shortcode:

You can select any page to apply the shortcode or copy it from here and paste it on any page to view the restriction option.

You can set your desired global restriction message in the content box.

Use the required tags in the restriction message.

This plugin also adds a restriction tab on the course, lesson, topic and quiz edit page where you can add a specific message for any of it. Furthermore, you are also able to restrict group courses from the edit page.

STEP 2 – Restricting Courses, Lessons, Topics & Quizzes:

a) Restricting Courses

Enable the restriction button of the specific courses to restrict it, and view the course.

b) Restricting Lesson

Enable the buttons of the specific lessons you want to restrict.

c) Restricting Topic and Quiz

Enable the buttons of the specific topic and quiz you want to restrict.

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